Kindergarten Science Curriculum

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This Kindergarten Science Curriculum Is The Best For Hands On Activities

Once upon a time, I had two super active little boys only 14 months apart. They grew up to be extremely curious and loved to explore. These two little boys became kindergarteners, and the only way they enjoyed learning about science is by being involved in hands-on activities. Let me tell you about the kindergarten science curriculum that ultimately saved us from boredom and short attention spans.

Anyone with active young learners knows that it can be a struggle to get them to sit still and listen. But the truth is, they shouldn’t have to. Learning can be exciting, and should be! As homeschoolers, we are igniting a fire of curiosity. We can enjoy learning and have fun while doing so. Unfortunately, there is a lot of curriculum out there that may not agree with that philosophy.

Luckily, BookShark agrees with us that education can be engaging and not limited to boring textbooks. We have had a wonderful opportunity recently to explore BookShark science. And we are thrilled to tell you that it is one of the best all in one curriculum options for science we have seen.

Most of you know that we value hands-on activities here at Homeschool Mastery Academy. Hands-on experiences are a fantastic way to make a lesson “stick” if you will. Learning by doing has so many benefits. Long gone are the days of boring textbooks and memorizing facts for a test.

BookShark’s methodology is not at all, like many all in one curriculum options. They believe in flexibility, family, and helping parents succeed when it comes to teaching our children.

Kindergarten Science Curriculum

Why We Love BookShark And You Will Too

  • Flexibility BookShark is not a rigid curriculum that relies on textbooks. Instead, BookShark has created its curriculum with homeschool families in mind. The curriculum is open and go for the most part, making it easy to move from one day to the next. Missed a day? No problem, you can move on to the next day without any stress. There is no checking off boxes, keeping up with any timelines, or anything that takes away from actually learning with your child.
  • All In One – BookShark comes complete with everything you need. Whether you are just purchasing one subject or an entire grade level, you get everything you need to complete the entire school year. Teacher’s guide, books, supply kits, and anything you might need to have a successful homeschool year is inside. It just doesn’t get any easier than that!
  • Multiple Students (Perfect for homeschool families) – If you have multiple children close in age like I do, you will love the ability to combine ages. Because BookShark doesn’t use traditional grade levels, you can combine children that might not technically be in the same grade, but are on the same educational level. Teaching multiple students in combined classes is a time saver for mom, too, if you can do that in your homeschool.
  • Homeschool Lifestyle – BookShark knows homeschoolers. I mean that they understand the lifestyle of a homeschooler, so they have created the 4-day a week’s home school schedule. Perfect for setting aside one day a week for co-op, sports, music lessons, or whatever fun activities you have planned.

Kindergarten Science Curriculum

BookShark Kindergarten Science Curriculum For Curious Kids

When we received our BookShark happy mail, my kids were ecstatic and ready to dive in headfirst! We had been doing some hands-on activities already for pre-k, and I knew this would be an excellent fit for them. Remember, they are incredibly active and super curious. So I knew that reading boring textbooks was never going to work for these two.

My kindergarten-aged kids are 14 months apart, and BookShark made it easy to combine the boys with the Level A Science Package. Even though the package recommends it is for children 5-7, we included my 4-year old. It was perfect for him since he is tracking right along with his older brother anyway. Which, in turn, made my job easier because I could teach them at the same time.

So far, every day with BookShark science is a wonderful experience. There is nothing better for our family than reading together, and BookShark shares that literature-based approach that I adore.

In addition to the literature-based approach, the Level A Science Package includes a kit with all the supplies you need to complete some engaging science projects! I should mention, I am not the “fun mom,” so the science experiment kit was the perfect way to help me look cool.

It is too easy to skip a science experiment when you don’t have the supplies in your house when you need them. I loved that we were easily able to have some fun with the experiments anytime we were ready.

My boys have learned so much from the BookShark kindergarten science curriculum (level A) so far. Each of the books included is packed full of exciting information. The boys enjoyed the handouts; also, they were age-appropriate and included hands-on activities they loved. The handouts, for example, included cut and paste activities to help reinforce lessons from the literature we read. What kinder aged kiddos don’t like to cut and glue? Even those small hands-on activities help keep the learning engaging for their ages.

Kindergarten Science Curriculum

Teaching With BookShark Science Curriculum Is A Breeze


Afraid you can’t teach science? BookShark equips you to teach like a pro. With the open and go instructor’s guide, you will be amazed at how easy it is to teach this kindergarten level science curriculum. If you can read and follow directions, you can teach science to your child. They make it that easy.

If you are a digital gal, BookShark offers the digital version of your instructor’s guide online for you to access anywhere! This is a wonderful feature for families that travel or do some homeschooling on the go.

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No prep! Say what?

Yep. No prep. That is an excellent perk, in my opinion! I know that with three kids, I don’t have time to spend my Sundays prepping for the homeschool week all day. It is refreshing to see that I can simply open the instructor’s guide and begin teaching on Monday morning.


Your children will enjoy learning with hands-on activities more than they ever will with just a textbook. You can help them cultivate a love of education by experimenting, asking questions, and igniting their curiosity through picture books.

Everything that BookShark includes in their kindergarten level science curriculum is age-appropriate for early learners. BookShark knows that by placing the right resources in front of your child, you can spark excitement. The desire to learn and know more is precisely what we want to foster in our homeschoolers too.

With BookShark, you can learn right alongside your students!

Kindergarten Science Curriculum

What’s Included In The BookShark Kindergarten Science Curriculum (Level A)

DVD BookShark Science Level A also includes a DVD that demonstrates the suggested science experiments. Discover and Do is what they call it. Your kids might be like mine and want to watch the DVD over and over! A young man performs all of these simple science experiments inside a home kitchen. Watching this young man alone was fascinating to them. I thought it was an excellent way to help kids learn how to begin doing science experiments at home.

Kindergarten Science Curriculum

Literature If you have ever created your own curriculum or lesson plans, you know the time it takes to find all of the right books. Scouring the internet for books that coincide with each lesson or topic can be exhausting. Another reason that you will love BookShark all in one subject package or any package from BookShark is that they carefully curate the books for you. You don’t have to worry if you got the right book. With BookShark, you eliminate all the stress of planning and choosing. You can rest assured your students will receive high-quality publications that align perfectly with what they will learn.

Kindergarten Science Curriculum

Instructor’s Guide The Instructor’s Guide is a thorough guide to help you teach science with ease. You don’t have to be a certified teacher to teach like one! BookShark does an amazing job of laying out what you need to do each day to follow a 4-day-a-week program. Each day is effortless to follow, and there is little to no prep work for you to do each week. You will find yourselves reading quality books together, enjoying fun science experiments, watching the DVD, or working on some engaging handouts to reinforce what you are learning. You can check out a sample of the Instructor’s Guides from BookShark here.

Kindergarten Science Curriculum


Science Supplies One reason why so many of us aren’t doing exciting hands-on activities with our kids is a lack of the right supplies and preparation. I am guilty of this too. With BookShark’s science curriculum package, you get all of the supplies you need in one box for the entire year’s worth of projects. It just doesn’t get any easier than that! No searching for the right supplies or planning ahead for what you might need, nope. It’s all in there. I love the convenience of that, don’t you?

Kindergarten Science Curriculum

Student Activity Sheets The activity handouts are perfect for this 5-7-year-old age range. Your child will get to discover Biology, Botany, and Physics! The handouts include cutting and pasting, matching, and other age-appropriate activities to coincide with whatever they are learning. Your student will only work on a little bit each day, which helps with fine motor skills like cutting, drawing lines, and writing.

Kindergarten Science Curriculum

Exciting Topics I don’t know about you, but I don’t recall learning about things like Biology, Botany, and Physics when I was 5-7 years old. I think it’s incredibly cool that our kids can be exposed to so much useful information early on. It’s healthy for them to find out the answers to questions about the world around them. They will get to hear about how weather works, plants grow, and tons more. The topics are right up a kindergartener’s alley, and I am sure your kids ask how a tornado happens, or a rainbow appears. Your children will find out all the answers to those pressing questions with the Level A Science Package.

Thank you for allowing me to share such a fantastic product package with you! BookShark is a solid program worth using in your eclectic homeschool.


Kindergarten Science Curriculum

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