Learning About Weather

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Why Learning About The Weather Is So Important

Learning about the weather seems pretty standard in every early elementary classroom across the country. But as homeschoolers, I think it’s great to question things typically done in public schools to see if there is a reason to do them in our homeschool. And teaching the weather is a great way to introduce science because it is observable, it affects children’s lives, and it is some of the top questions kids have.

Learning About The Weather


All weather is observable. It doesn’t take any special equipment to observe it, and it takes very little equipment to record it. Anyone can look outside and see that it is sunny, rainy, or snowy. When you observe the weather with your child, use vocabulary words like “Oh, it’s raining, that’s a type of precipitation.” If you want to take it further, a rain gauge is a great way to make the weather also measurable.

Affects Children’s Lives

Weather is one of the biggest things that can affect a child’s day-to-day. I think we can all remember when we wanted to do something fun outside and woke up to rain. The weather decides whether short sleeves or jackets are needed or if we will play inside or out. The weather is such a significant influence on many of the things that children do.

Children’s Questions

Young children have all the questions about the weather. Like why does it rain? Or more so, why does it always rain when I want to play outside? Why does it get cold in the winter?  They have so many questions that it is a great way to lead into science. 


This weather wheel printable is a great way to start observing the weather daily and a great way to start having daily discussions that answer all their big weather questions. 


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