Nature study for kids

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One of the Best Ways to Homeschool is with Nature Study for Kids

In today’s world, we know children do not spend enough time outside. One study showed that children should be spending up three hours outside to gain maximum development. We don’t know if three full hours each day can be practically done, but you can certainly add some outdoor time to your homeschool routine by adding in nature study for kids.

The great outdoors can provide stimulation, and it provides opportunities for kids to problem-solve. Outdoor exploration lays the very foundation for scientific investigation. Their natural curiosity will lead them to observation, hypothesizing, and discovery. It is, in fact, the best science classroom you will ever have.

Did you know that the less we use our senses they begin to lose their sharpness? When we don’t get out and use our senses, we can decrease our ability to do so. Give your kids the best advantage! Let them use all five of their senses at once.

Nature study for kids


Exploring and journaling will get all of those senses involved. Fall is a great time to get out at start exploring with a nature journal.

Nature Study for Kids in Autumn

For one, it is finally cool enough to go enjoy being outside. Let’s face it; in the summer, it can be challenging to be out. The heat can be overwhelming, and spending more than twenty minutes outside can be unbearable.

There is also much to observe! The changing of the seasons produces an abundance of natural phenomenon for kids to watch. Children will enjoy seeing the changes happening around them. They might even surprise you on how much they do observe.

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Our Autumn Nature Journal is a good start. You can use it from the early elementary years up through the high school years. Just have older children expand upon the writing areas and their research. Print out and go outside to explore.

Nature Journal for Kids

You can explore the phases of the moon, seeds, migration, and so much more. Print plenty of pages to draw on because the kids will get a kick out of drawing their observations.

Then when you’re done exploring outside grab related books and continue to investigate. Nature studies don’t stop indoors!

We hope this encourages you to get outside at least once a week with your kids to explore the natural world!

We also have winter nature journals and summer bug studies to keep you exploring outdoors all year long.

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