10 Nature Study Resources for Homeschoolers

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10 Nature Study Resources for Homeschoolers

Nature study is a fantastic way to continue learning in the great outdoors and experience a break from the seatwork. Children naturally love to explore and discover, here are 10 resources to get your homeschool outside and enjoying all that nature has to offer educationally!


10 Nature Study Resources for Homeschoolers


  1. This DIY Nature Study Kit is the perfect take along when heading outside to discover and learn about nature.
  2. Learn How to Make Your Own Nature Journal to document your nature studies; it also makes a great keepsake or addition to your homeschool portfolio.
  3. Even in the smallest of yards, this Creative Nature Design Challenge is a great hands-on activity to learn about your nature surroundings.
  4. Using a nature guide learn how to identify Rocks and discover where the rocks originated from.
  5. Head outside with younger kids with these Nature Walk Recording Pages to see what nature items they can see while on a walk.
  6. Using Notebooking Pages in Nature Study is a great way to record your observations and write about what you learn in your nature studies.
  7. Go on a Nature Scavenger Hunt for a great hands-on activity with younger kids (the older kids just might enjoy it too!)
  8. There is so much that kids can learn about nature while observing and Investigating Trees, not just about the tree itself but insects and other critters that might living in the tree too.
  9. Be sure to take this Tree Journal Writing Page with you when you are observing and investigating the trees in your yard.
  10. Create this simple Leaf Collection Notebook to keep all of those interesting leaves that you collected on your nature walk.


We hope you enjoy these resources! Nature study can be done year round and anywhere with all sorts of exciting discoveries to experience with your homeschool students.


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