There are many benefits to adding the performing art form of dance into your homeschool. And online dance lessons make it easier than ever!

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Super Affordable & Safe Online Dance Lessons for the Whole Family

There are so many elective options available these days for homeschoolers; it’s an exciting time to be a homeschool family. We have homeschooled for almost 14 years and have tried a lot of different curricula in that time. The longer we have homeschooled, the more I have come to appreciate unique homeschool offerings for my family. With all of the activities to choose from, one that incorporates movement can significantly benefit your children. That’s why I am incredibly excited to tell you about something for homeschoolers that you may not have heard of yet. 

I recently got an opportunity to try YouDance, and I was pretty excited to see what they were all about. I danced in my youth from age 5-12, and my daughter enjoyed dance lessons for a few years as well. So, we are all too familiar with the joy, confidence, and fun that dance can bring into your life. We had not tried online dance lessons until YouDance, and I was really impressed with them. YouDance has been a refreshing new addition to our homeschool routine.

We have found that YouDance has so much to offer your homeschool family – homeschool curriculum, elective opportunities, family fun, safe entertainment, and more! Plus, YouDance has a fantastic mission that aligns with most homeschoolers. 

There are many benefits to adding the performing art form of dance into your homeschool. And online dance lessons make it easier than ever! #homeschoolelectives #onlinedancelessons #dancelessons

Why Choose YouDance for Your Family or Homeschool?

Our family especially loves that YouDance cares about children, and their mission reflects the importance of online safety for kids. They know that many families access platforms like YouTube to enjoy dance lessons online every day. But the problem with that is our children could accidentally stumble upon the wrong things on YouTube or other platforms. Or we parents feel like we have to be vigilantly checking what our children are searching and looking at, which can be exhausting. YouDance knows this, and that’s another reason why they created a safe platform for your children to have fun while learning to dance. 

Since the YouDance on-demand lessons are on their platform at, your children will only be looking at the content in your YouDance account. You can feel good knowing they can only access online dance lessons offered by teachers that are professionals. You can easily stream all YouDance content on any device. We opted to mirror our iPad onto a larger tv screen for us all to see. 

Online Dance Lessons

What is YouDance, and Who is it For?

YouDance is an online dance class that offers a wide variety of dance lessons, history of dance curriculum, with qualified dance instructors for the whole family. Everyone from toddlers to grandparents can join in on the YouDance excitement. 

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YouDance makes it affordable and convenient for your entire family to take dance lessons from professionals. 

If you have students who have been dying to take dance lessons, but maybe you think it’s too expensive, now the entire family can learn dance for one flat monthly rate! You can join for just $25 a month and take dance lessons whenever it’s convenient for you. Save on gas and forget struggling to find a schedule to fit your family’s needs. 

Online Dance Instruction

How You Can Use Online Dance Lessons in Your Homeschool

YouDance fits perfectly with homeschooling! Here are a few ideas for how you can use it in your homeschool:

  • Add Dance as a Homeschool Elective: With on-demand dance lessons, it’s easy to add dance to your homeschool routine. Choose from dance classes such as ballet, contemporary, clogging, jazz, hip-hop, and breakdancing. Your student will not only be able to take professional dance lessons and learn choreography, but they will also be able to learn the history of each dance genre too! We thought this was a unique feature and blended well with homeschooling. 
  • Add Homeschool PE to Your Day: YouDance also offers an exercise curriculum, so your family can use your YouDance account to incorporate daily movement. Besides getting the wiggles out, adding physical exercise to our days or weeks is a wonderful way to stay healthy and model healthy behavior for our children. My oldest and I enjoyed learning dance choreography to change up our usual workout routines. Dancing for exercise was so much fun, we forgot we were exercising. Your teens will love it; YouDance keeps the exercising dance lessons fun and upbeat. 
  • Have Family Fun Together: YouDance has a fun feature that allows your family to earn points when you practice. My children were motivated to try new dance styles, learn about dance, and practice dancing to rack up more points. On their first day of using YouDance, they slept pretty well that night! It was an excellent way for two active boys to expend some physical energy while having fun. YouDance can come in handy on rainy days or when your children can’t get outside. 
  • YouDance for Your Little Ones: YouDance has a fun section of dance lessons for younger children called Kids Dance Alongs. These videos are instructional and age-appropriate for your younger children. YouDance adds spelling and interactive exchanges to engage early learners in these videos. I can see how these would be great opportunities to let your younger ones have their own “class time,” too. 
  • Parents, Take a Break: Homeschool parents will love YouDance because it can give you a break from teaching each day. Just stream YouDance, and their professional dance instructors will take over while you get something else done around the house. Or enjoy a well-deserved break! YouDance does not require any help from mom, which makes it a great resource to have on hand when you need it.

Online Dance Lessons

Benefits of Adding Online Dance Lessons to Your Homeschool

  • They are super affordable for the entire family! For $25 a month, everyone in your home can access the platform with over 500 online dance lessons. 
  • On-demand lessons are so convenient. You can access dance lessons to fit your family’s unique schedule. 
  • Online dance lessons save your family from driving to and from a dance studio. Your family will save on gas and your time! 
  • Your kids benefit greatly when we expose them to various arts! Dance is a performing art form and can lead to an interest in choreography, theatre, performing arts, and so much more. The more opportunities we give our children now, the wider the range for future career choices
  • Dance builds confidence. When your children learn a new dance or technique, it builds their confidence and helps them get inspired by learning something new. It’s also an excellent way to express themselves and become more comfortable with their own bodies. 
Dance Lessons
Learn fun dances, like the Charleston!

If you have children interested in ballet, jazz, clogging, hip-hop, contemporary, or dance for exercise – we highly recommend YouDance. YouDance would be a fantastic addition to your homeschool routine or a resource to mix up the family fun. 

YouDance Online Dance Lessons

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