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7 Things We Love About College Prep Science And You Will Too


Do you dread teaching science? If so, you aren’t alone. When we consult with other homeschool families, science is at the top of the list for subjects that get skipped. Yes, it’s true. You may be one of those families, or maybe you teach science, but you just don’t have a desire to teach it, and that permeates through your homeschool. 

When we teach and don’t have a passion for the subject, our students pick up on that. Think back to when you took a class from a teacher that inspired you. Maybe that teacher ignited something within you, and that caused you to want to learn more out of your own curiosity. That’s what a good teacher does. They present a topic in such an exciting or interesting way that we want to know more. 

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Well, I don’t love teaching science. There, I said it! I am more of a history, literature, and art type of gal. I can talk for days about classic literature or analyze poetry, but science, eh. 

For that reason, we use College Prep Science for much of our science needs. I want to share seven things we love about College Prep Science, and we know you will too!


An Online Science Curriculum You Should Definitely Consider

1. Online Science Curriculum – College Science Prep has a complete online science curriculum for all ages. Whether you have an elementary student, middle schooler, or high school student – College Science Prep can meet all of your needs. With so many online science classes to choose from, you can be sure to find one for your unique homeschool family.


2. Real Live Teacher – Whether you choose self-paced prerecorded classes or live classes, you will love College Science Prep’s teacher, Greg Landry. He is a fellow homeschool parent and former college professor that is passionate about science, and it shows. Students rave about Greg Landry because he makes science fun and exciting. If you want a science teacher that will spark curiosity in your children, he’s your guy. 


Homeschool Chemistry Lab


3. Flexibility – With live and self-paced class options, you will have no problem finding an online science class that fits your family’s schedule. You can choose a self-paced course and work at your own pace with no deadlines or enjoy the convenience of live online classes. The live online classes are great for kids who want the feeling of a traditional classroom setting along with live lectures. College Prep Science also offers ACT Bootcamps and many other class options for homeschoolers.


4. Online Labs – So many parents fear science experiments and labs that they often skip them altogether. But with College Prep Science’s virtual lab options, your child can simulate the experiments and labs virtually. That means no mess and no supplies to buy or hunt down, and you never have to leave home. Too easy!

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Online Science Curriculum


5. Affordability – College Science Prep’s online science curriculum is super affordable. The courses are one flat rate with no textbooks to buy and no supplies. The entire curriculum and worktext will all be available in your convenient class dashboard. Everything you need to get started is included in the cost of the course. 


6. Lighten Mom’s Load – College Science Prep knows that homeschool moms often have full plates, and when you use College Science Prep, they will help take some things off of your plate! Teaching multiple children, grading, prepping, and running a household – any time savers are welcome for homeschool moms. You will benefit from no more preparing for class in advance, no more grading papers, and no more teaching. College Science Prep has all of that covered for you, so there is more time for mom. 


Online Science Curriculum


7. Christian Perspective – If you are a Christian family, I know you can appreciate this reason. All of College Science Prep’s classes are taught from a creation perspective. Not only does Greg Landry teach with God in mind, but he also prays with his students. I have always loved and respected that he begins each class with a prayer, and sadly that is something we don’t see much of anymore. 

Online Science Curriculum From College Prep Science

I also wanted to give you a more specific glimpse into our journey with College Prep Science. We have previously used YS Anatomy & Physiology, Virtual Chemistry Lab, Life Prep Chemistry, and ACT Bootcamp from College Prep Science. I have been so impressed with how thorough each course has been. The curriculum is solid, the dashboard is super user-friendly, and everything you need is all in one spot. 

Besides the fact that the courses are so well done, the College Prep Science classes do an excellent job of prepping your student for life. Greg Landry is a fantastic teacher who also mentors your children and helps guide them to be more independent students. Your children will learn to be accountable for their work, keep up with class times, and become independent homeschoolers. That in itself is excellent preparation for the real world, whether they plan to attend college or not. 


If you are looking into an online science curriculum, we highly suggest checking out College Science Prep. Your kids will love it, and so will you! 

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Online Science Curriculum


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