Phonics for Reading

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The Best Way Online To Teach Phonics For Reading

Learning to read can be a difficult journey for many. It’s a common struggle. Learning phonics for reading and teaching reading are equally intimidating territory for some parents and children. But, luckily, some resources can help the reader and the teacher tremendously—one of those incredible resources – HOMER.

We recently were introduced to HOMER, a reading program personalized for early learners. We are incredibly impressed and want to make sure you know about HOMER Reading too. It can help you and your early learner tackle phonics for reading, without the added stress.

Not all parents are gifted reading teachers. Every home educator has strengths and weaknesses. That is precisely why resources like the HOMER Reading app are indispensable.

Phonics for Reading

With HOMER Reading, you can allow your student to have fun while learning phonics for reading and eventually become confident readers. HOMER Reading is an app that helps your child learn how to read with many additional features we are thrilled to tell you about.

HOMER is fun, easy to use, and super affordable. You can even begin your early learner on a journey to read as young as two years old. HOMER Reading uses personalization to engage your children and get proven results.

How Does Personalization Help Teach Phonics For Reading?

HOMER Reading takes your child’s interests into account as they create a personalized learning journey for your student.

When you set up your child’s account, you are prompted to add their interests. You have so many options to choose from, interests such as monsters, animals, bugs, sports, space, superheroes, science, and so much more! This is wonderful for kids who love a particular topic or in a stage of obsession over princesses, for example. You know exactly what I mean if you have ever had to take a child in full costume to the grocery store.

Phonics for Reading

Phonics for Reading

The personalization is effective because children are more likely to sit and engage with the app if intrigued by the content. My boys had a wonderful time listening to books about their favorite topics and current childhood obsessions. I think it’s pretty cool because we could align our interests with what we were currently learning about in other subjects.

In our homeschool, we are big fans of nature! One way we have enjoyed the HOMER Reading App is watching and listening to the animal stories. You can see here how I used the giraffe video in between finishing up other lessons. I love that you can use the videos and stories from HOMER to buy yourself a few minutes as you transition into another lesson or work one-on-one with another student. I found this extremely valuable, and I am sure you will too.

Phonics for Reading

Once you decide on an interest, you can determine your child’s current reading stage. This is super helpful; that way, HOMER Reading can meet your child right where they are at.

Set up takes less than 5 minutes. It’s quick and user friendly. You can help your child get familiar with all of the features, and before long, your student will be able to navigate the app on their own. HOMER Reading app is child-friendly, and your student can eventually use HOMER if you choose, independently.

Let’s Chat About The HOMER Reading App

Besides the fact that HOMER Reading is an awesome reading app for kids – there are so many other fun features worth mentioning!

Stories – Your child can listen and watch stories being read to them with text to follow the reading. I think this is a wonderful option if you need to work with another student for a bit, and you want your child to focus on reading for a while. It’s like having another person pop in your living room and read your kids a story. As a fellow homeschool mom, I know you can appreciate that!

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Games – HOMER Reading also has a wide variety of practice games for your child to continue learning phonics for reading. These games are fun, vibrant, and interactive. HOMER Reading encourages your child to participate with things like finger tracing letters or speaking vowel sounds into the phone for practice. Kids love hands-on ways to learn, and we are big advocates of hands-on learning here at Homeschool Mastery Academy.

Phonics for Reading

Phonics for Reading

Phonics for Reading

Art – HOMER also incorporates a creative opportunity in the app to draw and enjoy art. Besides a drawing area, HOMER allows children to get super creative and make their own stories with fun, bright graphics. I think this is a wonderful way to encourage kids to not only use their imagination but begin to enjoy creative storytelling at an early age.

Reading – HOMER Reading helps your child learn phonics for reading with a lot of extras. Your children can record themselves reading a story and hear it back. How fun is that? HOMER also allows your child to tap any word they don’t know, and HOMER will automatically sound it out for them. Again, I think these features are extremely beneficial to parents teaching multiple children and could use an extra teacher’s assistant.

HOMER Builds Reading Confidence In Early Learners

Another benefit I experienced as a homeschool parent is that I could set up multiple user accounts, personalized to each individual child. HOMER Reading allows for each of my boys to work on whatever areas they may need additional help. For example, one of my students still needs work reinforcing some phonic sounds, and the other is reading a bit beyond his level. The ability to get each student set up on a comfortable reading level is key to them progressing along confidently.

Because HOMER is intuitive and child-friendly, your kids will instantly gain confidence at all they can do on their own. That new independence will also lead them to want to keep pressing forward to new discoveries on their learning journey.

Phonics for Reading

HOMER lets students progress naturally on their own. There are no deadlines, no timeline, just time to blossom at their own pace. A little progress each day can quickly add up.

These are just a few of the fantastic features and benefits of using HOMER. I highly encourage you to see how HOMER can help you teach reading with ease and help your child enjoy learning to read.

Learning to read does not have to include tears or frustration from you or your child. It can be a pleasant and memorable experience.

HOMER is so confident that you will love them, you can Snag a 30-day FREE Trial Here.

Phonics For Reading





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