Homeschool Planning when you think you can't

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How to Master Homeschool Planning Even If You Think You Can’t

I remember eating dinner with a few homeschool moms years ago, and one mom was venting that she was terrible at being organized. It was painful to watch as she tried to convince us how planning for her homeschool was so out of her reach. Impossible.

Her case was that she just wasn’t created to plan well and would never be. I remember thinking, wow, this poor lady is closing the door on the possibility to have a well-planned homeschool forever.

I am not sure if someone labeled her unorganized, or maybe she tried to plan for her homeschool unsuccessfully a few times. Only she knows why she thought this about herself, but I wanted to tell her it wasn’t true. That with the right resources and consistency, anyone can learn to plan well.

If you aren't a natural planner, you CAN still master homeschool planning! You just need a little help from us. #homeschool #homeschoolplanning


So, if you are the homeschool mom who thinks she will never master planning for her homeschool – today, you can.

If you are not a “planner” that doesn’t mean that you are destined to never plan well for your homeschool.

Do you remember a time when you had a job that trained you to do something? They taught you to do something that you had never done before. You learned it. Then eventually, they left you alone to perform that task each day with little or less supervision. And I bet you did it. I bet some of you did it well!

Why is being organized or planning for your homeschool any different?


We put labels on ourselves and stay in a limiting mindset about what we can or can’t do.

We would never do that when it came to getting that job we wanted or taking a challenge for something we were passionate about. If you can learn to operate your new smartphone or use your new DSLR camera, why can’t you learn to plan for your homeschool?

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Maybe because you haven’t had the right training? It’s possible. You might need to learn how to embrace the right planning techniques.

I believe you can plan effectively. You can have an organized homeschool. I also know that you can have joy and peace in your homeschool.

Yes, all of that can be you! Why not?

Ready to create a planning system for your homeschool that will work year after year?

If you are ready to master homeschool planning once and for all, I have created a workshop (course) that follows a step-by-step plan to get your right where you want to be?

My planning method is unique because I have used it when coaching clients one-on-one, and I decided to automate it so that all homeschool parents can get the resources they need to master homeschool planning.

I encourage you to check out my planning workshop and think about how your homeschool could change if you had a system in place.

Maybe your homeschool lacks joy, needs more consistency, or is all-out chaos. It doesn’t matter; I want you to drop any shame you feel about it. Challenge yourself to make some shifts that could change the health of your homeschool forever.

Stop believing the lie that you can never have an organized or well-planned homeschool.


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