Pretend Play: This Natural Way to Learn Is Perfect for  Kids

Preschool Pretend Play Bundle

Our pretend play printable sets put play front and center in your homeschool, and that’s exactly where it belongs. As Mr. Rodgers himself once said,

“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning. Play is really the work of childhood.”

 —Fred Rogers

We agree! Although kids today are pushed to learn in more “academic ways” at younger and younger ages, we know this isn’t the way kids were designed and it’s not the way they learn best.

Let’s put delight back into the world of our children. Let them learn through play.

Here Are Just a Few Reasons Why You Should Encourage Pretend Play at Home:

  • Pretend play is critical for early development, and children do it naturally. Just spend some time with a group of three year olds and you’ll quickly discover that it’s the main way they play. Cooking, driving cars, building towers and all kinds of things…they see themselves as chefs and race card drivers and construction workers.
  • So many skills are built through pretend play! It develops language skills, encourages their creativity, improves gross and fine motor skills, and teaches problem solving. It’s a great way to explore the world around them. 
  • Pretend play can also take the scary part out of new experiences. For example, a child who has pretended to be a dentist will be more familiar with what to expect and see a dentist as a friend. Maybe they can even talk shop.

Introducing the Pretend Play Printable Bundle from Homeschool Mastery Academy

Designed for preschoolers and early elementary children, our Pretend Play Printable Sets can be used in a variety of ways. Not to mention, pretend play at home has plenty of benefits! 

Download & Print

Our pretend play bundle is open and go! Once you purchase and download, all you have to do is print. Your kids will be playing in no time. 

Less Screen Time

Screen time has its place, but most parents want to limit the time their children are staring at a screen. With our pretend play bundle, your kids will have opportunities for play instead of asking for screen time.

Extra Help

Our pretend play bundle can be like having an extra pair of hands! Keep your preschoolers occupied with engaging play and learning opportunities while you work with your older homeschool students or as you work from home.

High Engagement

Rotate one pretend set per week or one per month to keep interest and engagement high! Supplement with additional educational toys such as puzzles, building blocks, and pretend play accessories so your kids have a variety of experiences.

Cognitive Development

Pretend play often involves resolving imaginary conflicts and challenges, encouraging children to think critically and solve problems.Pretend play provides opportunities for language use and development as children engage in dialogue, describe situations, and express emotions within the context of play.

Social and Emotional Development

Pretend play enables children to express and manage their emotions in a safe and controlled environment, helping them cope with different feelings. Through pretend play, children explore various social roles, norms, and expectations, helping them better understand the world around them.

Pretend Play Bundle

Get instant access to our PRETEND PLAY BUNDLE now!

The Pretend Play Printable Bundle gives you a variety of options. Each set of printables provide a fun and engaging educational activity—the kind that’s crucial to your youngest learners' development.

The bundle includes all of the following pretend play sets:

  • Dentist
  • Detective
  • Fire Station
  • Flower Shop/Gardening
  • Grocery Store
  • North Pole
  • Post Office
  • Vet Clinic
  • Zoo

What other parents are saying...

Courtney Messick

 “My boys have spent hours playing with some of these! The bundle is perfect for those I'm Bored days.” 

Courtney Messick, Founder 

"These pretend play sets are a lifesaver for me on days when I need to get things done."

Hannah, Customer


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