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Ancient Egypt Lapbook


Ancient Egypt Lapbook: Hands-On Learning for Elementary

Kids have always been captivated by the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, from the great pyramids to the pharaohs. Perhaps it’s the allure of mummies or the fascinating hieroglyphics that draws them in. Whatever the intrigue, we think your kids will find a study of Ancient Egypt absolutely enthralling!

We are excited to provide a fun and interactive way to get your kids to engage in learning—an Ancient Egypt lapbook. There are several benefits to incorporating lapbooks into your homeschool! Lapbooks…

  • Provide an interactive element to children’s studies
  • Give hands-on learners something to do
  • Deliver information in a different way for kids who need repetition
  • Help students review the information they have learned as well as show it to others
  • Develop fine-motor skills as students cut and paste
  • Are super affordable and require few supplies

Explore Ancient Egypt for Elementary through a Lapbook! Enjoy interesting facts and interactive elements ideal for hands-on learning at home.

Ancient Egypt Lapbook Includes:

  • Black and white pages so your children can color and personalize the lapbook (the more creative the better!)
  • Hieroglyphics Alphabet Chart
  • Egyptian Vocabulary
  • Fun Egyptian Facts

Ancient Egypt Lapbook for Elementary

Here are 2-3 activities that would complement the Ancient Egypt Lapbook and enhance the learning experience:

  1. Create a Cartouche: Have students design their own cartouche using hieroglyphics. Provide them with a hieroglyphics chart so they can spell out their names or a secret message. This activity helps them understand ancient Egyptian writing and personalizes their learning experience.
  2. Mummification Simulation: Conduct a simple mummification experiment using small fruits like apples or tomatoes. Teach students about the mummification process by having them remove the inside of the fruit, apply salt, and wrap it in cloth. Over the course of a few weeks, they can observe the dehydration process, mimicking the ancient Egyptian mummification techniques.
  3. Build a Mini Pyramid: Using clay, cardboard, or sugar cubes, have students construct their own mini pyramids. This hands-on activity allows them to explore ancient Egyptian engineering and architecture. They can also decorate their pyramids with art inspired by Egyptian motifs and hieroglyphics.

These activities will make the study of Ancient Egypt interactive and memorable, reinforcing the information presented in the lapbook.

Tips & Recommendations

We recommend this printable pack for elementary students.

Don’t forget that all of our printable packs can be reused over and over in your homeschool. If you have multiple students, this is an excellent value for your homeschool family.

Want to use this in a classroom? No problem, snag a classroom license here.

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