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Black History Inventors For Kids Booklets


Discover Pioneering Minds with Our ‘Black History Inventors for Kids’ Mini-Booklets

Explore the remarkable world of Black history inventors with our engaging and educational mini-booklets, perfect for young learners. These booklets provide an enlightening journey into the lives and inventions of some of the most innovative minds, whose creations are still integral to our lives today. Ideal for complementing Black History studies, these booklets are not only informative but also encourage creativity, scissor skills, and tracing practice.

Why Our Mini-Booklets Stand Out:

  • Educational and Fun: Designed for early learners and elementary students, each booklet focuses on a different inventor, offering a unique blend of history, science, and cultural education.
  • Hands-On Learning: Perfect for tactile and visual learners, these booklets provide an interactive way to explore history and innovation.
  • Versatile Use: Whether for homeschool, classroom activities, or just as a fun educational tool at home, these booklets are adaptable to various learning environments.

What’s Included in the Booklet Pack:

  • 14 printable pages to create 10 captivating mini-booklets.
  • Each booklet is designed to be both informative and engaging, providing a rich learning experience about these influential figures.
  • Features 10 different inventors, including:
  • Alexander Miles
  • Alfred L. Cralle
  • Annie Turnbo Malone
  • Garrett Morgan
  • George Carruthers
  • Granville Woods
  • Henry Blair
  • Joseph Winters
  • Marie Van Brittan Brown
  • Sarah E. Goode


Black History Inventors for Kids

Enhance Your Study with Additional Resources: Consider incorporating children’s books like Black Inventors: 15 Inventions that Changed the World or Imagine Life Without African-American Inventors to expand your study on these remarkable individuals. These books are great for elementary to middle school students and add depth to your learning experience.

Reusable and Economical for Families and Classrooms: All our printable packs, including this one, can be reused, making them a great value for families with multiple students. And for classroom use, easily acquire a classroom license to integrate these valuable resources into your teaching.

Introduce your children or students to the inspiring world of Black history inventors with our ‘Black History Inventors for Kids’ mini-booklets. It’s a journey of discovery, inspiration, and appreciation for the contributions that have shaped our world.


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