Elementary Summer Bug Study Pack




Elementary Summer Bug Study Pack

The study of bugs and insects can genuinely be of the most fun things to do for elementary children. Bug study is exciting!

For that reason, we have created an Elementary Summer Bug Study Pack. Our pack is perfect for any time of year, but summer is full of backyard exploration time. So finding a bug or insect is pretty easy!

Our printable pack is designed for use over and over. Buy once and use year after year or with multiple students. This pack is also perfect for a homeschool group or classroom.

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Our Bug Study Pack Includes:

  • Introduction Page and Explanation of Bugs
  • Simple Project Idea
  • Sketch and Label Your Bug Page
  • Draw the Life Cycle of Your Bug
  • Draw Your Bug’s Habitat
  • 2 Writing Prompts/Ideas
  • 2 Pages to Log and Identify Your Bug
  • 1 Free Draw Page

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