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Famous Artists Drawing Prompts


Famous Artists Drawing Prompts: Interactive Art Fun for Homeschool

Do you ever feel like there’s just not enough time to cover everything you want to cover? With our drawing prompts you can combine multiple subjects such as artist study, drawing, and writing. (And it’s easy to throw in a little geography too!)

One of the first subjects to be set aside is art, but we think it’s too valuable to completely ignore! Studying the artists and their works gives us insight into history, culture, and even political movements. Artists often reflect the times and beliefs of where and when they lived. 

You can use our Famous Artist Drawing Prompts as a part of a study of artists from around the world, or as a monthly “artist highlight” to supplement your art curriculum or arts and crafts time. Learning about artists also makes a great supplement to world history or geography studies!

Here are a few activities that will make learning about these artists easy!

  • Look for a kid’s video about the artist on YouTube
  • Go to the library and find a book about him or her
  • Find out where the artist is from and locate that place on a map
  • Incorporate the Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists books for kids
  • Search for images of the artist’s paintings online
  • Go to a museum! (You may not see these artists, but it will greatly enhance your study of art in general. There’s nothing like seeing the real thing!)

Famous Artists Drawing Prompts Include

Each of the following artist pages includes the artist’s picture, flag from their country, an outline drawing of a signature work of their art, fast facts, artist information, and drawing space to recreate one of their works. Pages are black and white so kids can color them! 

The following 20 famous artists are featured: 

  • Claude Monet (French)
  • Gustav Klimt (Austrian)
  • Hieronymus Bosch (Dutch/Netherlandish)
  • Johannes Vermeer (Dutch)
  • Kazimir Malevich (Russian)
  • Paul Cezanne (French)
  • Paul Gauguin (French)
  • Piet Mondrian (Dutch)
  • Sandro Botticelli (Italian)
  • Wassily Kandinsky (Russian)
  • Edgar Degas (French)
  • Edward Hicks (American)
  • Georges Seurat (French)
  • Henri Rousseau (French)
  • Jackson Pollock (American)
  • John James Audubon (American)
  • John Singleton Conley (American/English)
  • Mary Cassat (American)
  • Rembrandt (Dutch)
  • Winslow Homer (American)


Tips & Recommendations

We recommend this printable pack for elementary students.

Don’t forget that all of our printable packs can be reused over and over in your homeschool. If you have multiple students, this is an excellent value for your homeschool family.

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