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Homeschool Looping Can Make You The Fun Mom

Do you ever wish you were the fun homeschool mom? You know, the one that does hands-on projects, art, poetry tea time, and has time for the outdoors too? But, you think that isn’t obtainable because after core subjects each day – there just isn’t enough time! Homeschool looping can help you fit it all in. Get ready to wow your homeschoolers.

What homeschool method you use doesn’t matter. Looping can work for all homeschool families and adds a missing element to joy-filled days – a little fun! 

So many students and homeschool families are bored. They are stuck in mundane routines of checking off the boxes of core curriculum. By the end of the day, no fun was to be had. That’s no way to homeschool.

With our Eclectic Looping Workbook – you will strategically plan out homeschool looping with your entire family in mind. Start making the most of your days while having more fun homeschooling!

We will cover what looping is and how to create loops that work within your home and homeschool. Loops are a fantastic way to incorporate more into your homeschool days without sacrificing a quality education for your children. 

The workbook includes 10 example loops – that you could even plugin and use immediately if you choose. By using our eclectic approach, you can blend all and any of your favorite homeschool resources for well planned days.

Our printable workbook is designed for use over and over. Buy once and use it to plan out homeschool loops for every subject.


Homeschool Looping

Our Eclectic Homeschool Looping Workbook Includes:

  • An 8 Page Guide To Help You Design Custom Homeschool Loops
  • Printable Workbook
  • 10 Creative Loops To Use In Your Homeschool Or Inspire You To Make Your Own




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