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Marie Curie Lapbook


Marie Curie Lapbook: An Interactive Way for Kids to Learn about Science

At Homeschool Mastery Academy, we know there is a lot of power in the story of people’s lives, and because of that we don’t want to neglect teaching our kids about scientists as well as the science itself. Learning about those who advanced our understanding of the world and how it works inspires us all. 

Nobel Prize winner Marie Curie is one of those people. Her understanding of radioactivity played a huge role in our ability to x-ray the body. As a part of celebrating Women’s History Month in March—or any time of the year—we know your kids will love learning about this remarkable woman.

Learn all about the remarkable Marie Curie with our hands-on history lapbook for elementary! Perfect for visual and hands-on learners.

What’s Included in the Marie Curie Lapbook 

With our Marie Curie Lapbook, your children will have an interactive, hands-on way to learn about Marie Curie and her contribution to science. It includes:

  • A brief biography of Marie Curie
  • Definitions of key terms
  • Fun facts
  • Quotes by Marie
  • Notebooking page to explain what you child has learned

Lapbooks are affordable and no-mess options that allow for learning and creativity. We love them because you only need a few supplies, and they are effective homeschooling learning tools.

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Learn more about Marie Curie with these resources: 

Women Heroes: Marie Curie

The History of Marie Curie for Kids | HK Stories

Marie Curie for Kids | Bedtime History

Tips & Recommendations

We recommend this printable lapbook for elementary students.

Don’t forget that all of our printable packs can be reused over and over in your homeschool. If you have multiple students, this is an excellent value for your homeschool family.

Want to use this in a classroom? No problem, snag a classroom license here.

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