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Sea Turtle Life Cycle Lapbook


Sea Turtle Life Cycle: Hands-On Learning Using Lapbooks 

Kids have always loved to learn about all those incredible creatures beneath the ocean surface, but one favorite seems to be the sea turtle. Maybe it’s partly due to the surfer-personified tribute to these creatures in Finding Nemo… But whatever the reason, we think your kids will find a study of the sea turtle completely fascinating!

Explore the fascinating journey of the sea turtle with our Life Cycle Lapbook! Enjoy interesting facts and interactive elements ideal for hands-on learning.

Begin your study of these fascinating creatures with some of these amazing resources:

Sea Turtles by Disney Junior

Sea Turtles by All Things Animal TV

Finding Home: A Sea Turtle’s Life Cycle Explained by Ethology Explained

Sea Turtle Life Cycle (Animation) by CapeYorkNRM

National Geographic Kids Green Sea Turtle

Ducksters Sea Turtles

Then provide a fun and interactive way to get your kids to engage in learning—a lapbook. There are several benefits to incorporating lapbooks into your homeschool! Lapbooks…

  • Provide an interactive element to children’s studies
  • Give hands-on learners something to do
  • Deliver information in a different way for kids who need repetition
  • Help students review the information they have learned as well as show it to others
  • Develop fine-motor skills as students cut and paste 
  • Are super affordable and require few supplies

Your kids will love our Sea Turtle Life Cycle Lapbook!

Sea Turtle Life Cycle

Sea Turtle Life Cycle Lapbook Includes:

  • Black and white pages so your children can color and personalize the lapbook (the more creative the better!)
  • Three mini-booklets for children to cut, color, and paste to their file folder. Each booklet contains interesting facts about the sea turtle.
  • A “parts of the sea turtle” page
  • An accordion style pull out of the steps of the sea turtle life cycle
  • A life cycle interactive spinner

Tips & Recommendations

We recommend this printable pack for elementary students.

Don’t forget that all of our printable packs can be reused over and over in your homeschool. If you have multiple students, this is an excellent value for your homeschool family.

Want to use this in a classroom? No problem, snag a classroom license here.

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