Shark Facts Memory Game: Playing Match Games to Make Learning Fun 


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Shark Facts Memory Game: Playing Match Games to Make Learning Fun

Shark week is in July each year, but anytime you choose to study these fascinating creatures will have your kids “biting” for more. There are so many different types of sharks from the gentle to the fierce. 

Shark Facts Memory Game - The perfect addition to your ocean and marine life studies. #homeschool #oceanstudy #sharkfacts #sharkweek


Here are some of our favorite resources to learn some interesting facts about sharks and the many different kinds there are!


We believe that learning should be FUN! Why? 

When kids are having fun they want to learn. Games are a great way to add the fun back into school and help cultivate a love of learning in your kids. We all remember things better when we enjoy the learning process. And games can be played over and over to help reinforce what they’ve learned—moving the information from short-term to long-term memory.

That’s why you’ll want to add our Shark Facts Memory Match Game!


What’s Included In The Shark Facts Memory Match Game? 

Our Shark Facts Memory Match Game includes sixteen cards featuring different sharks and fascinating facts. If you’ve ever played Concentration, then you already know how to play (but if you don’t, there are instructions provided!).

Teaching Tip: Extend your students’ learning by letting them make their own cards based on other facts and types of sharks they’ve studied! Print out only the backs of the cards, cut them out, and let your kids create their own.



We recommend this printable pack for elementary to middle school level students. 

Don’t forget that all of our printable packs can be reused over and over in your homeschool. If you have multiple students, this is an excellent value for your homeschool family.


Want to use this in a classroom? No problem, snag a classroom license here.

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