Sign Language Alphabet: Help Your Kids Begin the Journey of Learning a Different Language 



Sign Language Alphabet: Help Your Kids Begin the Journey of Learning a Different Language 

Make learning the alphabet a truly “hands-on” experience with our Sign Language Alphabet Worksheet Pack! No one will argue the value of learning a foreign language, but have you considered the benefits of learning a different language? 

Sign language is a unique study for kids who know English. While the words themselve aren’t different, the ways in which they are expressed are. According to research, learning ASL allows babies to communicate earlier and better, increases reading levels, improves spatial reasoning, and benefits cognitive development.

With the Sign Language Alphabet Worksheets, you are adding a truly hands-on way to learn the alphabet. By communicating the letter using their hands along with tracing it, your kids will have a whole new fun, useful way to develop fine motor skills!

With our Sign Language Alphabet pack, your kids can easily begin to learn a new language while learning their ABCs and early writing skills. #asl #homeschool #signlanguage

This pack is a great complement to our Happy Hands American Sign Language + Preschool Blended Learning Course! The course includes:

  • Movement
  • Early Literacy
  • Beginning Math Concepts
  • Hands-On Activities
  • Exclusive Memory Games
  • Sensory Fun
  • Recommended Books
  • Exclusive Printables
  • Exclusive ASL Videos
  • Themes
  • Lesson Plan Template
  • Private Group for Additional Support
  • And more!

But even if you don’t do the course, your kids can benefit from the pack as it reinforces learning the letters of the alphabet!

Sign Language Alphabet Worksheet Pack Includes: 

Worksheets for each of the letters in the alphabet so your children can

  • Trace the featured capital letter
  • Trace a word beginning with the featured small case letter
  • Learn and do the sign-language finger spelling of the letter

Tips & Recommendations

We recommend this printable pack for elementary students.

Don’t forget that all of our printable packs can be reused over and over in your homeschool. If you have multiple students, this is an excellent value for your homeschool family.

Want to use this in a classroom? No problem, snag a classroom license here.

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