5 Reasons to Relax if Your Homeschool Child Isn't Reading Yet

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5 Reasons to Relax if Your Homeschool Child Isn’t Reading Yet

These days, there is a lot of pressure for children who aren’t reading by a certain age. Not only does the child feel pressure, but the adult does too. While it’s important for your child to learn, know that not every child learns at the same pace. We can customize the education of our children based on their individual needs. That is the beauty of homeschooling!

Are you panicking because child isn't reading yet? It’s important to know that not every child learns at the same pace. #homeschool #reading #teachreading #homeschoolmom


Here are 5 reasons it is okay if your child isn’t reading by the age of 7, 8 or 9.

#1. No child learns at the same pace.
Trying to make sure every child is reading by the age of 5 is like trying to make everyone have the same haircut, it’s just not possible. When you are feeling insecure about your child’s reading level, remember that no child learns at the same pace.

#2. Every child learns to read at different ages.
Sure, some children learn to read at 4, but some do not read until 7,8, or 9. The great thing about having a child that starts reading later is that they take off! They may skip the middle uneasiness and just start reading at a steady pace. Your child who is reading later, may have mastered another skill early in life. Every child has different gifts and talents to be celebrated.

#3. You know your child and what they’re capable of.
If you have a child who isn’t reading by the age of 7, don’t panic. You know your child best and what they’re capable of. Sit down with your child and read to them. Your child has a great teacher and patience and encouragement goes a long way. If your child senses your discouragement, you may prolong the process.

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#4. Does age really matter?
No adult sits around the table with other adults and discusses their reading journey. Sometimes it comes up, but the age in which you started reading doesn’t matter. As long as your child is learning steadily and it getting a grasp on learning that is all that matters. It is so hard not to panic, but once your child gets it, they can thrive.

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#5. You want your child to love reading not hate it.
Imagine if someone was pressuring you at work to do something that you just didn’t quite understand. Pressure doesn’t help anyone. It keeps us stressed and makes us not want to move on. If you want your child to love reading and not hate it, then keep the pressure off them. Spend more time reading to your child and less time panicking about them being a late reader.

There may be a little stress involved with reading, but in a few years, it won’t matter. Stay calm and help your child as much as you can. If they aren’t reading by the age of 7, 8 or 9, don’t panic! Continue to be patient and encouraging to your learner.

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7 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Relax if Your Homeschool Child Isn’t Reading Yet

  1. Nikki G- lifelovelychaos.com says:

    Absolutely loved this! My son just started reading this year. He was about 8.5 years old. We stopped trying when he was 6 in Kinder. He was frustrated so I was frustrated and we were all miserable. We tried here and there but with no luck. We tried this last year and he just started reading. He is reading chapter books now and loves it. My heart always tells me that we did the right thing in waiting on reading.

  2. Love this! There is so much pressure to have kids reading by kindergarten these days. Some kids just aren’t there yet at that age and that’s okay! My daughter is 7 and is just now really getting the hang of reading.

  3. Does anyone have a curriculum recommendation? I can’t afford All About Reading or anything super expensive, and that alone frustrates me.

    1. Rachel there are many free curricula options if you pulled from various resources you could create a program customized to your needs. There are also used curricula sale and Facebook groups where you could find the curriculum you want for a fair price. And lastly there are also companies like the good and beautiful that understand how expensive curriculum can be, especially in the LA subjects and they have priced their curriculum with that in mind. http://www.jennyphillips.com/course/language-arts-literature/
      Best of luck! Reach out with any questions. The HMA Team

  4. Marnita Sonnenberg says:

    There is such a range of reading levels and when kids are more ready. I think our system puts a lot of stress and emphasis on early reading that it can be a great disadvantage for kids who are a bit on the late side. That being said there is a danger in not catching the warning signs if a child is dyslexic and leaving it for years and years. I am a Speech pathologist and currently training in Orton Gillingham and kids who are like that need very specific systematic focussed instruction. Unfortunately it doesn’t happen incidentally for them. My youngest struggled with reading compared to my older two early readers and I am glad that I intervened early on his reading. He is now at grade level for reading.

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