Roblox Math Games

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Need More Math Practice At Home? Why Not Try Roblox Math Games

As eclectic homeschoolers, we enjoy finding new ways to make home-educating fun. We also occasionally like finding new ways to blend technology and learning at home. Shocker alert, but like many homeschool parents, my kids aren’t always excited to do their math. 

It’s an all too familiar struggle for many homeschool families. I hear it from my kids all the time, “are we done yet”? Or my personal favorite, “can we be done already”? My younger two kids love math, but they do get tired of too many worksheets. So lately, I have been sneaking in math practice with Roblox math games. 

Yes! And I don’t feel one bit bad about it. Luckily, we recently heard about BRAINIKA’s Roblox math game, and it’s perfect for sneaking in math practice. Plus, it’s fun!

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Here Are Three Reasons You May Want To Try Roblox Math Games for Homeschool Too!

  1. Using BRAINIKA is a great way to blend technology and learning time at home. Video games can be such a controversial topic among parents these days. We live in a time when technology is rapidly advancing, yet we also want to protect our children’s time without screens. Finding the balance between a healthy exposure to technology and too much screen time can be a struggle, for sure. I am right there with you. But with BRAINIKA, your kids are learning as they play. Your kids can dabble with Roblox and reinforce their math skills at the same time. It’s a win-win. 
  2. You can replace other video games with BRAINIKA. If your child looks forward to their video game time, maybe replace their other games with BRAINIKA’s Roblox math game. That way, they can still have fun gaming online, but now they can also practice math! 
  3. If you have a child that struggles with math worksheets, adding BRAINIKA could be the solution you need. At Homeschool Mastery Academy, we strongly believe in making home education exciting. When your children understand that learning can be enjoyable, they are more likely to keep it going. Getting your children to homeschool each day will become less of a struggle when they look forward to it. And the way to get them to look forward to it is to try and create an atmosphere that encourages a love of learning. Adding fun helps too!

Roblox Math Games

Why Use BRAINIKA For Math Practice? 

BRAINIKA math practice replaces conventional methods of practicing math facts like flashcards or drills. So it’s just another means to an end. Of course, kids need to solidify their math facts, but it doesn’t have to look the same for every child. That’s what’s great about homeschooling; find what helps your child best and run with that.

BRAINIKA works well with multiple learning styles. If you have a student in Kindergarten through second grade, your child may benefit from using BRAINIKA. Since it is a game-based learning app, it works well for kids who are visual and hands-on. It is interactive too, so it promotes independent learning at an age-appropriate level. Experts also recommend BRAINIKA for children with ADHD. BRAINIKA helps children with ADHD focus longer while trying to complete a math problem. 

Roblox Math Games

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It’s safe. I had been pretty reluctant to allow my children to play Roblox at all. I didn’t know if it was safe for them; they are first and second grade. But with BRAINIKA, the chat capability is disabled, so they can’t chat with anyone. That made me feel so much better about letting them play. 

Kids love it! Your kids can earn Robux (Roblox currency) for solving math problems. And there are new levels added all the time, so it’s always challenging for them. You won’t ever have to force your kids to do their math when it comes to using BRAINIKA, and they won’t even notice they are doing math. 

They have progress reports. The progress reports are a great way to keep up with your child’s progress. I love that there is a no-pressure way to gauge how they are coming along.

If you are seeking an alternative way to encourage more math practice at home, you might want to give BRAINIKA a try. Check them out here

If you are a school teacher, an educator or a homeschooling parent with 3+ kids at home who has been using game-based learning and would like to use the Brainika Math game in Roblox in class or for home assignments, Brainika would like to give you FREE access. Reach out to to inquire.

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