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20 Fun And Easy Sewing Projects For Kids To Make

Sewing projects for kids is a wonderful way for them to enjoy hands-on learning. Sewing can improve hand-eye coordination and even boost your emotional well being. Yes, sewing like many crafts can release dopamine in the brain, thus causing us to feel happier. Yay for crafts, right?

But, besides those fantastic benefits, sewing is also a fantastic skill to possess. Your children can learn to make crafts, clothing, and even repair items for the household.

If you are a homeschooler, you could even create a unit study all about sewing. Here are a few ideas to get you started!

20 Fun And Easy Sewing Projects For Kids To Make

Ideas For A Sewing Unit Study

    • Check out the history of sewing and sewing machines.
    • Learn about various fabrics and textiles.
    • Research how a sewing machine operates.
    • Learn how to thread a bobbin.
    • Plan a field trip to the fabric store. Buy a pattern, have your fabric cut, and find all of the necessary notions.
    • Look up the history of fashion and see how women’s clothing changed throughout time.
    • Find different hand stitches and practice them.
    • Work on cutting out a pattern.
    • Create a sewing vocabulary notebook. Store and define sewing terms.
    • Research inventors such as Elias Howe and Isaac Singer.

20 Easy Sewing Projects for Kids To Do At Home

    1. Paper Plate Sun Summer Sewing Craft from
    2. Teaching Kids To Hand Sew Buttons & Pillows from
    3. Sewing For Kids: Button Star Ornaments from
    4. Stuffed Felt Letters (Sewing Tutorial) from
    5. Magical DIY  Unicorn Sewing Project For Kid from
    6. Felt Strawberry Cushion Toy from
    7. Paper Plate Shark Sewing Craft from
    8. Felt Animal Ornaments For Kids To Sew from
    9. Carrot Treat Pouch Felt Pattern from
    10. Paper Plate Sewing Chick Craft from
    11. Simple To Sew Small Pillows from
    12. Dragon Sock Puppet from
    13. Easy Sewing With Kids: 30 Minute Drawstring Fabric Backpack from
    14. Craft Foam Sewing Cards from
    15. Kid’s Mini Messenger Bag Pattern from
    16. Kitty Cat Tote Bag: Easy Beginner Sewing Project For Kids And Cat Lovers from
    17. Felt Unicorn Sewing Project from
    18. DIY Kid’s Art On A Pillow from
    19. Paper Plate Heart Lacing Activity For Kids from
    20. Paper Plate Heart Sewing Craft from

A Simple Start in Sewing

Hands On Crafts for Kids

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