sign language books for kids

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10 of The Best Sign Language Books for Kids

Have you thought about introducing a second language into your homeschool yet? American Sign Language is quickly becoming a recognized second language in many states, and sign language can benefit your early learner tremendously.

There are so many positive effects that learning American Sign Language can have on the brain. Starting to learn a new language can be so much fun too. By introducing American Sign Language now, your child can begin to develop an interest in a new language while beginning to learn as you go along. Books are a great place to start!

Sign Language is also an excellent way to expand your child’s communication skills. As an early learner, your child may still have trouble expressing themselves. When you add additional means of communication by using their hands, your children will have more resources available to communicate their feelings and frustrations.

In addition, being bilingual offers more options and opportunities. You can start raising bilingual children today!

sign language books for kids

Here are our favorite sign language books for kids to begin learning at home:


My Language, Your Language
By Lisa Bullard

Say It, Sign It
By Elaine Epstein

My First Book of Sign Language
By Joan Holub

Hands and Hearts
By Donna Jo Napoli

Sign Language ABC
By Lora Heller

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Dachy’s Deaf
By Jack Hughes

Time to Sign: Sign Language for Kids
By Kathryn Clay

Going Out (Sign About)
By Anthony Lewis

No Night-Night: A Bedtime Story in English and American Sign Language
By Zena Bailey-Harris

How to Sign Animals with Terry the Monkey
By Joe Jacobs

Our self-paced program is a natural fit for children that are ready to learn at home. American Sign Language Explorers is perfect for kids age 3-10!


American Sign Language Explorers: A Natural Fit Preschool through Elementary

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  1. Hi I have a large family of homeschool kids 6-14 years old and we want to learn ASL. Would this work for older kids or do you have something I can add to it to make it more versatile? I’ve looked in many places and this seems like the best resource I have found to date😁 thank you for your hard work 💕

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