Solar System Unit Study

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Perfect Book Pairings for A Solar System Unit Study 

As long as mankind has been around we have looked to the sky and wondered about all the wonder and beauty above. There is no difference with our kids today. Many kids become so fascinated and enthralled by space. Doing a solar system unit study is a great way to explore space from your very own homeschool. 

Not only can you show your children how cool our solar system and space is, but you can also show them how fun it is to learn about things they are interested in. 

Solar System Unit Study

Solar System and Space Top Book Picks for a Unit Study 


There is No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System by Tish Rabe.

There is No Place Like Space is a Cat in the Hat Learning Library Book, where the Cat takes you on a trip through our solar system. This is a great reader for early readers and a wonderful read-aloud for pre-k through 1st-grade kids. 


Space Encyclopedia: A Tour of Our Solar System by David A. Aguilar

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This book is a great resource book for early to late elementary students who want to learn more about the solar system. Its illustrations and photos are absolutely breathtaking and will easily have you binging the entire book in one sitting. This book is a can’t miss addition to your Solar System System Unit Study!


The Magic School Bus: Lost in the Solar System

Is any unit study on science complete without a Magic School Bus book? Re-released for the 20th anniversary with all updated scientific information,  you can share a beloved classic from your childhood without worrying about missing scientific facts. 


Having a solar system unit study doesn’t have to be complicated. Pick a few read-aloud books plus a night of stargazing can make for a wonderful mini-unit. But if you want to take it further, be sure to grab our Solar System Journal that will take your learning and make it more concrete.

Solar System Journal

In the Solar System Journal, you get 25 pages full of planet fun fact cards, and more than 15 pages of workbook/journal pages. Your kids can dive deep into their favorite planets and share everything they have learned about this wonderful Solar System and Universe we live in. 

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