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Homeschool Planning Techniques

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Welcome to Homeschool Mastery Academy, where we're dedicated to help you be an organized, effective homeschooler who inspires a love of learning.

Whether you're just starting or seeking to enhance your homeschooling experience, we've got you covered! We are empowering homeschoolers just like you on your educational journey. Find the perfect fit for your family, regardless of your preferred style or experience level.

Experience a wealth of resources tailored to your needs, including courses, workshops, and personalized coaching services. Say goodbye to lesson-preparation stress with our educational printables and resources, designed to simplify your homeschooling life.

Join our community of passionate homeschoolers who understand the importance of an organized and practical approach to education.

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Steps to begin Your homeschooling Journey

Grab Our Homeschool Quick Start Guide

Grab our quick start guide to help you start homeschooling without missing any vital steps along the way. 

Check Your Local Requirements

It is essential to familiarize yourself with the local homeschool laws and requirements in your state or province. HSLDA is a great place to check.

Discover Your Child's Learning Style

By determining what type of learner your child is first, you can save time and money on methods and curriculum—more about this in our quick start guide.

Research Home Education Methods

Research all of the different methods of educating at home. Find which one(s) are the best fit for you and your unique family—more about this in our quick start guide.

Once you know the way your child learns best, and you have chosen a method(s) of home educating, you can begin purchasing your curriculum.

Create a Homeschool Mission Statement

Create a mission statement for your unique family. A mission statement is what you believe about home education and a reminder of what you are cultivating at home. Our quick start guide will walk you through this.

Cultivate a Love of Learning at Home and Find Support

At Homeschool Mastery Academy, we encourage you to lean into your family, embrace learning together, and find strength in community—a place where your homeschooling journey becomes richer, and your connections stronger. Join our online community here free.

Book a Homeschool Coaching Session 

  • Unlock the full potential of your homeschooling journey with our personalized coaching sessions at Homeschool Mastery Academy. Our customized strategy sessions are tailored to address your specific challenges or help kickstart your homeschooling adventure.
  • At Homeschool Mastery Academy, we understand the hurdles that can arise throughout your homeschooling adventure. Our mission is to offer steadfast support during every phase of your journey. From the initial steps to the transitional moments, we're here to guide and assist you through any challenges you may encounter.
  • Receive personalized coaching from our founder, Courtney Messick, a seasoned veteran with over 15 years of dedicated service to the homeschooling community. With a wealth of experience homeschooling her own three children, Courtney brings unparalleled expertise and insight to guide you through your homeschooling journey

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