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Four Amazing Teaching Tips for Home Educators to Try Today

Are you new to homeschooling? Or are you struggling to make it work for your family? Here are our top four teaching tips for home educators who want to build a strong foundation for their kids—in life and learning.

Here are our top four teaching tips for home educators who want to build a strong foundation for their kids—in life and learning.

Teaching Tip #1: Learn Together

I had a dear friend who decided to homeschool her kids using a popular online, traditional style program. She set each of her four children up with a computer and then shuffled between them to help all day long. It was exhausting, and it didn’t take long for her to realize she needed a different plan. They were homeschooling, but they were never truly together

Instead it was as if they had a mini school with individual classrooms scattered underneath the same roof. 

When you step out of the traditional school model of individual subjects and grade levels, it’s amazing how many opportunities open up for learning together. Subjects like history, geography, science, physical education, music, and art can be studied together with assignments based on skill or grade levels. Activities like nature walks, experiments, playing games, and reading aloud can be done together too.

Try it today!

Choose one subject that you will do together today. For example, pick a state or country to learn about. Go to the library or search the Internet to discover interesting facts about the place. Color a map, cook a recipe from that area, and write down some of your favorite facts. You could even make a poster together and present what you learned to someone else.

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Teaching Tip #2: Find Your Rhythm

You may love a minute-by-minute schedule written out, but for many families a rhythm is more helpful. It gives homeschool families the ultimate flexibility. And isn’t that one of the reasons we homeschool in the first place? The flexibility to teach to our children’s unique learning styles, interests, and strengths. To be able to make education a lifestyle instead of something we do from 8:00 AM through 3:00 PM, Monday through Friday? Find what works for your family.

Try it today!

Make a list of your top three “must do” items. How much time do you want to allot for them each day? For the rest of the week, try doing these things each morning before lunch so you can get in the routine of making them a priority. 

HMA Homeschool Planner

Teaching Tip #3: Make it Fun 

Who doesn’t learn better when they are having fun? Boredom or feeling overwhelmed aren’t the best motivators. Sure, there’s a time to work hard and persevere through difficult things (and life gives us PLENTY of opportunities to do that!), but when our kids enjoy the process of learning, they will be motivated to keep going even when things do get tough. They’ll remember what they are learning better, make connections, and hopefully want to learn.

Try it today!

Take the rest of the day off from formal schooling and do one of the following instead:

Homeschool Activities Calendar
Enrich your homeschool days! 
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Poetry Teatime

Teaching Tip #4: Emphasize Relationships

One of the best things about homeschooling is the time you have to focus on what’s most important. Strong relationships within the family set children up to live emotionally, socially, and even educationally healthy lives. You can give them a safe place to learn, make mistakes, fail, and achieve great things. You can give them the time to explore interests and passions. 

You can be their biggest cheerleader. 

So remember to talk to your kids. LISTEN to your kids. Consider your family a team.

Everyone needs encouragement—to know that they have someone on their side who believes in them and their abilities. As both their parent and teacher, you are in a unique position. When your kids see you as their partner in learning and life, you’ve achieved one of most important goals of homeschooling—a lifelong, loving, and supportive relationship with your kids. 

Try it today!

Drop your plans and take the kids out for ice cream. Celebrate them by telling each child something great you’ve noticed. Be specific! Things like, “I noticed how you gave your sister the last cookie yesterday. I’m so proud of the way you share.” or “I know math is sometimes hard for you, but you never give up. I’m proud of you for trying.”


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