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5 Ideas To Help Make The First Day Of Homeschool Epic

Starting back to homeschool can be such an exciting day and week. As homeschool parents, there is no reason that we need to feel sad or left out when we see other children holding their first day of school signs on social media either.

We can be proud and honored that our families have the privilege of educating at home. We should be celebrating our first day of homeschool each year with excitement. There are so many things that we homeschoolers can be thankful for. Gratitude for what we have can help change our perspective and make the first day of homeschool epic!

Let's celebrate our first day of homeschool with gratitude and make the day an epic one that our children are sure to remember! #homeschool #backtohomeschool #firstdayofhomeschool

Here Are A Few Things To Give Thanks For On The First Day Back To Homeschool:

  • Your precious (and yes sometimes crazy) children get to stay home with you. You don’t have to experience the anxiety or worry of sending them away from the security of home 8 hours each day.
  • You get the privilege and honor of being the most significant and positive influence in your child’s life each day.
  • Each day at home with you is another opportunity to strengthen your bond and connections to your children.
  • Your family gets to experience freedom in education. Whatever it is that you find value in as a family, you can practice that daily at home. Whether your faith, educational principles, or specific training – you can choose.
  • Your children are safe with you. Their individual thoughts are protected, their personalities remain unique, and their sweet spirits kept intact in your home.

These are just a few reminders to help you keep gratitude at the center of homeschooling. Instead of thinking about all these things we have to do each day at home with our children, what if we thought about all the things we get to do at home with our children? #perspective

Now, back to making our first day back to homeschool epic. Often we homeschoolers celebrate our last day of homeschool each year more than we think about celebrating our first day back. Children love the excitement, and there is no reason we shouldn’t make the first day as fun as the last.

Join the fun at!

5 Ways That You Can Make The First Day Of Homeschool Epic:

  1. Breakfast – Start the day with an awesome breakfast. Make something that your family loves, or you can try out a new special recipe. Eat a hearty breakfast together while reading a new book aloud. You could even take the kids out to breakfast to kick off the first week of homeschooling. Whatever meal you decide on won’t matter, but your children will love that there is something new and fun to enjoy.
  2.  Arts and Crafts – Your kids will enjoy starting the week off right with something crafty. Who says the first week needs to begin in a particular order? Shake it up a bit and start with an art or craft project from a favorite children’s book!
  3.  Library – Upon completing your first day of homeschool, why not head to the library? Give your children an incentive to get through the first day back to school by treating them to stock up on read alouds at the library afterward.
  4.  Ice Cream – Whether you go out to your favorite local ice cream shop or you eat ice cream sundaes at home – ice cream never fails! Choose a family favorite treat to enjoy once you finish up the day.
  5.  Field Trip – Yep! Why not? Begin the homeschool year with an epic field trip and exercise the freedom of homeschooling. Make this homeschool year one they won’t forget.

We hope that these ideas spark some fun and memorable homeschooling times for your family. Don’t forget to document the first day of homeschool with some photo ops too! Use our First Day of School Signs For Homeschoolers Here.

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13 thoughts on “5 Ideas To Help Make The First Day Of Homeschool Epic

  1. Melea Weathers says:

    Looking forward to starting our school year in a few weeks and taking the kids out for ice cream to make for a more memorable start. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. We start the first day of the new school year looking through our new curricula and doing whatever prep is required to get started. It gets us back in the mindset of school and excited about our new stuff without jumping headfirst into lots of schoolwork all at once. I really like the idea of a special breakfast the first day of school, so I think I am going to try that this year!

  3. Meagan Caton says:

    Oh my goodness this would be an amazing opportunity for my homeschool this year. Thankful for this giveaway and good luck to everyone. Here’s to a great and happy homeschooling year to us all.

  4. I need a few days to recover from out 6 week trip to visit family, but I’m ready to plan out the next year and set some fun goals with my 4 scholars!

  5. I just filled up a cart at Rainbow Resources, so this would be such a blessing!!

  6. Thank you so much for these great ideas.

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