The Homeschool Enrichment Collection Membership

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How Your Family Can Get The Most Out Of The Homeschool Enrichment Collection

When I began homeschooling over 14 years ago, I admit I made a few foundational mistakes. (Ok, maybe more than a few!) I knew I wanted to homeschool, but I only knew a little about home education. Looking back on it now, I was much greener than I would like to admit. How do you know what to research if you have no clue what you are doing or what to expect? Have you felt that way, too, about homeschooling? 

So, I did what many new homeschool families do. I researched homeschool curriculum, chatted with a few other homeschool moms, and blindly began homeschooling! So… with that approach, we hit quite a few snags, as you can imagine. 

Some real-life examples of how we struggled the first few years of homeschooling might be similar to what your family is experiencing now. Turning things around once you have created bad habits and an atmosphere that isn’t cultivating a love of learning in your homeschool can be challenging. 

If you and your family struggle with the following (like we did), The Homeschool Enrichment Collection might be the positive boost your homeschool needs. I created this monthly membership with my newbie homeschool self in mind. Indeed, I am not the only mom who has made these mistakes. 

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection Membership is here to help your family embrace homeschooling and cultivate a love of learning at home. #homeschool #homeschooling #homeeducation

Signs that your approach to homeschooling might need some adjusting too: 

  • You and your students constantly fight about doing their work
  • Your students dread homeschooling (maybe you secretly do too)
  • You feel like your family is just checking off curriculum or educational boxes daily 
  • Your homeschool lacks laughter, wonder, and excitement
  • You can’t remember the last time you took a field trip
  • Your family skips hands-on activities like science experiments and art projects because there is not enough time
  • You aren’t sure how to read aloud to your kids or understand why you need to
  • You are brand new to homeschooling and want to adopt a healthy homeschool culture with your family
  • You believe that your children need to sit still while homeschooling
  • You can’t recall the last time that your family celebrated a holiday in your homeschool

For lack of better wording, I made my daughter hate homeschooling. Yep. I know! Sounds terrible, right? I created a traditional public school setting, complete with long hours, rigid curriculum, and successfully sucked all the fun out of learning. 

But that isn’t the end of our story. I knew that there had to be more to home education. So, back to researching and reading lots of books about education. I learned how learning styles and educational methods mattered and was fascinated. So much so that I became a homeschool consultant many years later because I had an overwhelming passion for helping other homeschool families fully embrace homeschooling for all that it has to offer. 

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection Membership is here to help your family embrace homeschooling and cultivate a love of learning at home.

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection was Created for Families Like Yours

Stay with me if you can relate to anything I have mentioned so far. I (along with our amazing team of professional educators and fellow veteran homeschoolers) created this membership for families like you! 

Families that know homeschooling can’t be all frustration, checking boxes, and dread. But instead, your family wants something more, a fresh new way to look at home education. 

You CAN homeschool and have fun! Your kids CAN love to learn. 

We recommend The Homeschool Enrichment Collection for the whole family, but the majority of activities for kids will be enjoyed most by elementary-aged students. So if you are ready to embrace a more refreshing way to look at educating at home, join us in the membership. 

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection Membership

What To Expect Inside The Homeschool Enrichment Collection 

Each month you will receive a calendar full of fun opportunities to celebrate or add fun to your learning at home. Adding fun is fun-damental (haha, see what I did there) when it comes to showing our kids that education doesn’t have to be stiff and rigid all the time. Let’s celebrate holidays in our homeschool with exciting activities and creative writing ideas that keep our children engaged. 

We encourage you to embrace homeschooling how it fits your family best, so we have plenty of suggestions and ideas each month, but never feel like you have to do all of them. The philosophy here is that we provide you with plenty of exciting educational options, and YOU choose what to use, skip, or save for later. It’s that easy, and no pressure ever!

Our monthly collection is a guide of ideas and activities around a central theme. So you don’t have to scour the internet for ideas; we do all that for you. It’s an excellent time-saver for busy homeschool families. 

In addition to a monthly calendar, we also offer a poetry tea time in each collection. The poetry tea time comes with a how-to guide, so if you have never done one at home – we help you plan. A relaxed poetry tea time is another easy and exciting way to keep your children engaged. Your kids might be a bit reluctant at first or not know what to expect, but after a time or two, they will be hooked! 

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Each edition of the Homeschool Enrichment Collection is different; your kids will experience something new. We rotate activities, so learning with Homeschool Mastery Academy never gets boring!

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection Membership

Here is a List of Ideas and Activities to Expect Inside the Homeschool Enrichment Collection Membership:

  • Hands-on crafts 
  • Art projects
  • Fine arts viewing
  • Classical music listening activities
  • Carefully curated book list for all ages
  • “Spotlight On” (a biography spotlighting someone significant in history)
  • Creative writing prompts
  • Extended learning resources 
  • Links to educational videos
  • Educational printables
  • Nature study suggestions
  • Field trip ideas
  • Poem or book recommendations for poetry tea time, along with how-to help
  • and other fun activities that may tie into each month’s theme

The calendars are updated each month. Once we add a new monthly theme, those resources will stay available for 60 days. So you have plenty of time to use the monthly collection or download them and save for another time. 

If you want a relaxed and simplified way to add fun and excitement to your homeschool, this is it! We have created our membership to help your family enjoy home education. Plus, it’s incredibly affordable compared to many other homeschool memberships. 

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection Membership

How To Incorporate The Homeschool Enrichment Collection Into Your Homeschool Routine

Since we have designed each collection to be flexible, the short answer is to use it however you want. Seriously, YOU decide. The possibilities of how you can use our resources are endless. 

But, if you want more direction, there are a few ways to use the membership each month that makes sense. 

  1. Set aside 10-30 minutes each homeschool day and do one to two activities from that month’s collection. 
  2. Use loop scheduling and designate a fun Friday loop where you have time to do your favorite activities from the collection. Fun Fridays are perfect for field trips, fine arts, crafts, poetry tea time, creative writing, and all the activities that will enrich your homeschool.
  3. If fun Fridays don’t fit into your family’s schedule, choose another day and time block an hour each week to spend time just enjoying the collection with your children. This time of connection reading, learning, and creating together can boost your homeschool and family culture. 

(We have videos covering various planning techniques like these inside the membership.)

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection Membership

Resources for Parents Inside the Homeschool Enrichment Collection 

At Homeschool Mastery Academy, we are about the entire family embracing the homeschool lifestyle and are passionate about helping you do that! 

Inside your dashboard, you will find a section of resources just for parents. We have workshops to help you choose curriculum, tips for working from home while homeschooling, how to start a local book club, and lots more. 

The Homeschool Enrichment Collection

You will also have access to our most popular (and exclusive) planners. As soon as you join, you get access to the following:

These are just some of the incredible resources we create for parents. We also add resources to help you build a homeschool family culture. You will find things like Fun Family Traditions for the Whole Year: Building Strong Families and Strong Kids.

You get over $50+ worth of resources, planners, and workshops all inside your dashboard, and that is just for the parents! In addition to the collections and calendars, this is an incredible value for homeschool families.

We sure hope that you will join us to begin cultivating a love of learning at home with The Homeschool Enrichment Collection. 

The Team at Homeschool Mastery Academy

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