Homeschool Multi Age Unit Studies

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Homeschool Unit Studies for Multiple Ages

If you are homeschooling more than one child, then you know that it can be a challenge at times. When we have multiple students in a family it is common we have multi-aged homeschool. You may be teaching a middle schooler, an elementary aged student, and a preschooler or two all at the same time. By combing as many subjects as we possibly can, we can save time and bond together through learning. Not to mention you will be amazed at the things your younger children can pick up from being included in the educational mix.

Unit Studies for Multiple Ages

Here are 10 Unit Studies You Can Use in Your Multi-Age Homeschool

1. From preschool to elementary ages, this Flower Multi-Level Unit Study will keep your kids engaged as they learn about wildflowers.
2. This American Revolution Unit Study has something for all ages, from hands-on activities to note booking pages, to learn about the battles and people of the American Revolution.
3. Study the weather through language arts, math, science, and art with this Weather Unit Study for preschool to elementary aged students.
4. Explore the fascinating world of Penguins with the facts and activities in this fun Unit Study.
5. This mini unit study has something for all ages to learn about Betsy Ross & The American Flag with videos, coloring pages, notebooking pages, and more.
6. This mini Vincent Van Gogh Unit Study is the perfect addition to your art studies with reading, videos, and hands-on creativity to learn about Van Gogh’s artistic techniques.
7. Charlotte’s Web is a beloved classic and is great for reading aloud to all ages, dig a little deeper with these educational Charlotte’s Web Unit Study Resources.
8. Learn about the Poison Dart Frog and the South American Rainforest with this Kindergarten and Elementary level Unit Study.
9. Explore the biography of Samuel Morse and learn about the invention of Morse Code.
10. In this Balto and Iditarod Trail Unit Study, learn about the heroic nature of sled dogs using notebooking pages, discussion questions, coloring pages, and more.





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