Your Virtual Homeschool Group • Resources for Building Homeschool Community

At Homeschool Mastery Academy we support community for homeschoolers. Whether you find your homeschool community locally or virtually online, we believe that community is essential to homeschooling.

We are excited to provide resources, curriculum, and activities for use in your local homeschool group or co-op. Or join our virtual homeschool group if you haven’t found the right fit for your family yet.

HMA is passionate about providing curriculum to use in homeschools and homeschool group settings that is engaging and delightfully different! We have a team of experts in the educational and homeschooling fields creating unique resources for you and your families to enjoy.

Your Virtual Homeschool Group • Resources for Building Homeschool Community

What to Expect from Your Virtual Homeschool Group:

  • We kick off the homeschool year in September and run 12 weeks of group activities. The spring semester begins in January and runs another 12 weeks.
  • Our virtual homeschool group hosts one monthly online support meeting for homeschool parents. The monthly topics may vary from encouragement, featured speakers, and various resources.
  • We encourage you to plug into your local communities, but we also provide an online community presence as well. We understand that finding the right fit for your family in local homeschool communities can take time.
  • We encourage you and your family to interact and connect with the online group but is certainly not a requirement to join.


Who Should Join Your Virtual Homeschool Group?

  • Homeschooling families of all ages & stages
  • Homeschool group and co-op leaders
  • Anyone who wants to start a homeschool group or co-op
  • Those who want to learn more about homeschool groups and co-ops
  • Homeschooling moms or dads who can’t find a group or co-op in their area, but want community for both their children and themselves

What Does Your Virtual Homeschool Group Provide?

  • Information on community, groups, and co-ops
  • Resources and support for homeschool group and co-op leaders
  • Curriculum to use in a variety of group settings or even in your personal homeschool
  • Activity ideas for you local homeschool group or co-op
  • Support for those who haven’t found the right fit for their families yet


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Your Virtual Homeschool Group • Resources for Building Homeschool Community


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