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HMA is passionate about providing curriculum to use in homeschools and homeschool group settings that is engaging and delightfully different! We have a team of experts in the educational and homeschooling fields creating unique resources for you and your families to enjoy.


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We believe that community is essential, and we want to help you build a well-run homeschool community. We invite you to join our online Facebook community for additional support.

Here are all of our current resources for homeschool group and co-op leaders.


FREE Resources to Use in Your Local Homeschool Group or Co-op

21 Activities to Do with Your Homeschool Group to Get the Wiggles Out
How to Host a Blessing Bag Collection Event

Exclusive Homeschool Group + Co-op Curriculum

Poetry and Photography: A Homeschool Group Study of the Power of Words and Images

Explore the Senses: Homeschool Group or Co-op Curriculum

Resources Designed for Homeschool Group + Co-op Leaders

Homeschool Group Starter Kit

Homeschool Group Leadership Kit

My 2018/2019 Homeschool Group + Co-op Leader Planner

Homeschool Group & Co-op Leadership Training Bundle

FREE Resources About Homeschool Community

11 Ways to Socialize Your Homeschool

How to Choose Between Joining a Homeschool Group or Co-op

5 Essential Tips for Plugging into a Homeschool Group or Co-op

Homeschool Field Trip Tips & Preparedness

4 Reasons Why Mondays or Fridays Work Best for Homeschool Co-op


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