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Homeschool Mastery Academy is passionate about providing curriculum for home and homeschool group settings that is engaging and delightfully different! We have a team of experts in the education and homeschooling fields, creating unique resources for you and your families to enjoy.

We believe that community is essential, and we want to help you build a well-run homeschool community. We invite you to join our FREE online Facebook community for additional support.

Check out all of our current resources for homeschool group and co-op leaders.

We'll see you inside! It's FREE, and it's YOUR group. 

The Team at Homeschool Mastery Academy

Your Virtual Homeschool Group is a FREE Online Homeschool Group Specifically for Homeschool Families Seeking Support and Home Education Resources. #homeschoolsupport #homeschoolcommunity #homeschoolhelp #homeschoolers