wind activities for preschoolers

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Your preschooler will love these windy weather ideas for November. Learn outdoors and in with hands-on wind activities for preschoolers, crafts, and engaging children’s literature all about the changing weather!

In this pack, you’ll find crafts and activities to encourage your child to learn and explore while gently introducing early reading, math, and science concepts and practicing fine motor skills through play.

wind activities for preschoolers


Wind Activities for Preschoolers & Weather Themed Books

The Dandelion Seed

Follow the last dandelion seed of the season on a windy journey out of its familiar garden and into the great, wide world. This lovely story will inspire your preschooler to imagine what happens after they blow dandelion seeds into the wind.

Find a patch of dandelions and blow their seeds away. Talk about what will happen to them as they drift on the breeze. What will they encounter? Where will they settle down? After your imaginative nature walk, create your own fingerprint dandelions at home with instructions from Crafty Morning.

Days with Frog and Toad: The Kite by Arnold Lobel

Your preschooler will love this sweet story of two friends trying hard to fly their kite. Award winning author, Arnold Lobel, gives us a humorous and memorable story that is almost as fun to read as it is to act out!

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Is the weather windy where you are? Try to fly a kite like Frog and Toad. What do you have to do to get it up in the air? If it’s too chilly outside, create a mini paper kite with instructions from One Creative Mommy and act out the story indoors.

One Windy Day by Tammi Salzano

Have fun learning with Fox on a windy fall day! You’ll see the fall leaves blow in all directions: up, down, left, right, over, and under. What a fun way to practice opposites and learn directional words.

Get out and explore the neighborhood or a local park. Can you find leaves blowing? Which way are they going? No leaves falling in your town? Create your own wind with feathery leaves indoors with this windy weather-inspired activity from Sunny Day Family.



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