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10 Reasons Why Homeschool Might Be Right For Your Family

If you happened upon this post, my best guess is you are wondering if homeschooling is right for your family. You might even be curious about why people homeschool at all. Or possibly, you have found yourself here because you are questioning if you can homeschool your child. However you got here, we have answers to help you get moving in the right direction.


Wondering why homeschool or if it's right for your family? We have 10 reasons to help you decide today if homeschooling is right for you. #homeschool

Here Are 10 Reasons Why Homeschool Might Be A Better Option For Your Family


Your child is slipping between the cracks of the public school system.

No matter how good or bad your local public schools are, children slip through the cracks for a myriad of reasons ever single day. There are plenty of fantastic teachers in the public school systems today, but not enough to save every single child that the system is failing. Do you know who can save these children? You. If your student is not getting the right type of attention, education, or special assistance, and you are his or her guardian – most likely, you are the one who needs to step up. Don’t wait for the public schools to save your child.


If you are the parent of a child that needs one-on-one learning assistance, homeschooling is perfect for that.

You can tailor an education and curriculum directly to the needs of your student. Homeschooling means educational freedom, and it’s ideal for all types of children. Children with learning challenges, gifted children, special needs children, children that are “falling behind” and children in all sorts of other types of situations.


Maybe your lifestyle is unique.

You may have a lifestyle that doesn’t align with having your children at a public school Monday through Friday from 7 AM-4 PM. You may run a family business, work nights, or lead a life that doesn’t mesh well with the rest of society’s 8-5 mentality. With homeschooling, you can craft a routine that works with your life.


If you are like me, you may want more time with your child.

We only get one chance at raising our children, and I want to soak up as much time as a family as we can. We want to create memories together inside the walls of our home. We enjoy adventures together as a family and doing it all on our schedule. With homeschooling, you can do that. That is one of the reasons why we chose to homeschool over a decade ago.


Wondering why homeschool or if it's right for your family? We have 10 reasons to help you decide today if homeschooling is right for you.


Your children may be negatively impacted by a teacher or their peers daily.

If your child is bullied or even worse, bullied or intimidated by a teacher – how much is your child’s mental safety worth to you? I know! That question sounds harsh, but it’s true. Are you willing to sacrifice your child’s security, mental stability, and confidence each day? By homeschooling, you can begin to boost their confidence again and help nourish their hearts and minds the right way, with love and compassion.


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Your student is acting out. 

The environment you send them off to each day, unfortunately, might not be a healthy one. Teachers do their best. But the ratio maybe something like one teacher to twenty or more students at a time. They can’t possibly monitor everything that our children are exposed to each day. Your student may be acting out because they are in an unhealthy atmosphere daily. That can cause stress, depression, and lead to acting out in unhealthy ways.


Your faith is of utmost importance to you.

Maybe you want your child to experience your faith in every aspect of their day. Perhaps you want the freedom to choose Christian homeschool curriculum. In many states, you can homeschool with the religious curriculum of your choice. Not to mention, you can pray when you want and worship how you want.


You aren’t happy with the curriculum. 

As mentioned above in a couple of other reasons why to homeschool is a big one on many accounts. The freedom to choose your own curriculum can complement how your child retains information. Say your student is a visual or auditory learner, you can custom select a curriculum that will help them perform well academically. Whereas, public schools teach the same curriculum across the board to all students regardless of their learning styles. According to research, on average, homeschoolers test 15-30 percent above public school students on standardized academic achievement tests.


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If socialization and diversity concern you, when homeschooling – you can expose your children to people of all backgrounds and ages.

At public school, your students will spend the majority of their academic careers with children the same age as them. Homeschool groups and co-ops get exposed to all types of learning experiences, people of all backgrounds and ages through field trips and serving the local community.


Lastly, you may be concerned with the financial aspect of homeschooling versus public school.

Homeschoolers don’t need the latest shoes or a new outfit to don each day. We don’t spend money on fancy backpacks, school lunches, or participating in events that we don’t want to join. Curriculum doesn’t have to be expensive to be effective, and we can choose on our own terms what activities we want to participate in. We can pick and choose activities that foster our child’s interests, not the general interest of the public school system or the masses.


We hope that these ten reasons why homeschool might work for you will give you some insight into how you can take control of your child’s educational future. Most homeschoolers will tell you that the beauty of watching your child flourish in a healthy environment each day is priceless.

If you want to take the next steps toward homeschooling – check out our homeschool quick start guide and visit HSLDA to learn about the homeschool laws in your state.

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