10 Simple Ways to Make Winter Memorable for Your Preschooler

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10 Simple Ways to Make Winter Memorable for Your Preschooler


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10 Simple Ways to Make Winter Memorable for your Preschooler

1 Catch a Snowflake on Your Tongue – The first snow is so exciting. Don’t miss a minute of it! When you’re done catching snowflakes, make your own at home with the felt busy bag from Teach Beside Me.

2 Get Bundled Up – Be sure to bring your hat, mittens, scarf, boots, and coat wherever you go! When you get home, you can bundle up your own paper doll with a printable busy bag from Teaching Mama.

3 Read The Mitten – Snuggle up by the fire and read this modern classic children’s picture book by Jan Brett. Find out more about the author along with more wintery titles in this preschool unit study from Some Random Lady.

4 Go Ice Skating – Strap on big skates on those tiny feet and slip and slide around the rink. At home, read Snowflakes and Ice Skates and make your own rink with these activities from Homeschool Preschool.

5 Learn about Winter Animals – So many interesting creatures love the cold! Learn about penguins, polar bears, moose, and whales. See how many you can remember with this free printable memory game from This Outnumbered Mama.

6 Build a Snowman – Give him a corncob pipe, a button nose, and two eyes made out of coal! Then head home to play with a big pack of snowman printables from Royal Baloo.

7 Play in the Snow – Get outside and play in the fluffy white stuff. No snow where you live? Make your own with this taste-safe snow recipe from Growing a Jeweled Rose.

8 Have a Snowball Fight – Toss around some snowballs this winter and then giggle until your sides hurt. When you get home, practice your ABCs with this snowball throw alphabet game from Mom Inspired Life.

9 Bake Gingerbread Cookies – Mix and roll the dough; then cut out your gingerbread man shapes. Read the story and make a gingerbread man craft with instructions from The Pinterested Parent.

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10 Decorate the Tree – Spend time together hanging your favorite ornaments and throwing tinsel on the tree. Then, your preschooler can create their own decorated tree with this simple pom pop craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning.


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10 Simple Ways to Make Winter Memorable for Your Preschooler

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