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Writing Activities For Kids That Will Spark Excitement

Have you ever heard The Sigh come from your kids when you give them a writing assignment? “The Sigh” is a symptom of a disease that affects many young writers: boredom. Without treatment, they may even say those dreaded words, “This is so boring.” (They are pretty good at self diagnosing!) We at Homeschool Mastery Academy have a cure for “The Sigh”. These fun writing activities for your elementary students are guaranteed to be the antidote for all their writing ailments.

Writing Activities

Five Fun Writing Activities You Can Assign Your Kids

Rewrite a scene from a fairy tale or children’s story such as The Three Bears. Set it in modern times. Have it take place in your own city. Think about how the new setting will affect the story, and be sure to add illustrations!

Pretend you are a character in a favorite book. Write journal entries about your day as if you were that character. Do you love the book, Ralph the Mouse? Pretend you are Ralph. Think about what a day in your life would be like. What would your room look like from your new perspective? How would you do your school work? What would you eat?

Start with the question “What if?” What if I found out my little brother was actually an alien? What if I had a secret super power? What if I was a prince or princess in a fairy tale? Choose a “what if” question and write a story based on the answers you come up with.

Writing Prompts for Elementary

Write a letter as if you lived in a different historical period you’ve studied. Did you just study the times leading up to the American Revolution? Write a letter to a friend in England explaining what’s been going on in the colonies. Did you just learn about westward expansion? Write a letter to a grandparent back home about your journey across the U.S. in a covered wagon.

Use a board game for writing inspiration. Play the game of Clue and then write a story based on one or more of the characters. Play Mouse Trap and talk about what it is like trying to navigate through the all those traps. Or play a game of Chutes and Ladders then describe what it’s like trying to get to the finish line.

Have fun with copywork. Write sentences and passages from joke books. Do you enjoy silly poetry? Copy a poem by Shel Silverstein or Jack Prelutsky. Do you love science? Copy facts about the weather or volcanoes.

Your kids don’t have to suffer through mundane writing assignments. Use these writing activities to let them have some fun and see if it doesn’t get rid of all those sighs when you tell them it’s time to write.

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